Zapier Beta Plugin - Question for future

Hey there,

Tried out the Zapier plugin - great idea!

At the moment, we’re looking for a better way to track certain messages in Asana and link them to specific email threads (similar to the current Trello integration). That said, right now, if I were to try to use Zapier to do that, it’s either all or nothing: meaning that either ALL new messages trigger the Zapier actions or none at all. It would either be nice to have some filters related to Labels so that if I tag an email with a certain label, then the Zapier action will continue, otherwise not.

Also, I assume the Zapier plugin will also be listed in the Actions of Worklows as well? If not, that would be great too.



Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the valuable feedback. We made a note of this and will surely consider this in a future release.

Btw: We are short before a release of the To-Do Manager. This might be another way for you and your team to track email conversations. It’s quite a powerful way of collaborating on emails. More on this real soon.