Workflow for waiting customers triggers on closed conversations



I’ve configured a workflow to trigger if a customer is waiting for more than 3 days (see attached). In that case it should mark the conversation and notify all users. However, sometimes a customer replies and no follow up is required. We then close the conversation. Unfortunately this workflow is triggered for these closed conversations too. It is not supposed to do that, right? It should only do so for conversations which are open and actually need a reply.

Apart from that I’d prefer it to notify the person assigned to the conversation only. But that would be a feature, not a bug.



Hi Arno,

To get the behavior you’re looking for you can add one or more conditions to ensure your workflow only executes on the emails that meet your requirements.

In your case, by matching the email on status you can exclude any closed emails from being considered for workflow execution.

In a future release we plan to add in negative conditions to allow even more fine grain control on workflow execution.



Thanks Denise, that makes sense!