What's new in Helpmonks

We’ve made lots of enhancements to Helpmonks in the last four weeks. Here are some of the most notable ones;

Variables in signatures

One of the most popular requests from the public Helpmonks RoadMap was to be able to use dynamic variables in your signatures. We are happy to announce that this is now available to all users of Helpmonks.

Count of emails in the browser tab

You will now see the number of unanswered/unread messages from your mailbox in the browser tab. Yes, the count automatically gets updated when new emails arrive, too.

New fonts in the editor

By popular demand, we’ve now added more fonts to choose from when composing an email.

Direct reply within notes

You now have an additional “Reply” option per note. The “reply” button allows you to write your note quickly and also makes sure that you reply to the note and not to the customer.

More noteworthy updates

Along with the new features above, we’ve made the following changes:

  • A message composed to the mailbox is now being sent to the mail server (previously, we didn’t as it is a mail to the mailbox itself). This will help if you are sending to the mailbox itself with CC and BCC recipients.

  • The email notification to Helpmonks users has now a color per messages, i.e. notes in yellow, actions in gray, and so forth. We hope this helps with distinguishing what action occurred better.

  • While choosing the “TO,” “CC,” and “BCC” recipient you can now just hit the “Tab”-key to make the selection (previously, this only worked with the “Enter”-key).

  • Last but not least, we’ve changed how we are loading all required scripts for the Helpmonks application. This, in turn, means, that the loading time decreased dramatically. In other words, you should have a much faster experience in using Helpmonks.

Next up

In an upcoming release of Helpmonks, we will change the notification setting so that you can turn off the email notification when an email is assigned to you (finally!).

Also, we are working on a Team/Group functionality (yes, assign emails to a team)!

Looking for a way to work smarter as a team?

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Where can we find the variables in signatures? When I set my signature in Email Preferences, there are no icons available (it’s just a textarea field).


You should see something like this:

This is what I see (in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari):

Whoa… that’s definitely not how it should be. I see that there is a bug here. Let us fix it and get back to you here when done. Thank you.

This is now fixed and we already updated all our servers.

Thank you for reporting this and being a customer. You are awesome.