We launched: Helpmonks is now available as a hosted edition, as a standalone cloud server or on-premise installation

One year ago, to the date, we started Helpmonks with the goal to disrupt the email space for team email management. Today, after months of private beta and public beta testing, we are officially launching Helpmonks.

Helpmonks sees itself geared towards small businesses and enterprises in need of better email management solutions. In addition to Helpmonks being a hosted solution, it offers a standalone cloud server installation as well as an option to be deployed on-premise.

Hosted Edition (Saas)

Helpmonks is available as a hosted solution with three different plans. Contrary to similar tools in this space, our most comprehensive plan comes with unlimited users and mailboxes. Something that our enterprise users will definitely appreciate. Additionally, we are providing open source projects and non-profit organizations with a free hosted edition plan. For small teams we offer a free plan, also. All plans come with the same feature set and access to all plugins.

Cloud Server (we host and manage)

Using a standalone cloud server is the perfect solution for those who want to have the speed and confidence of their own server running (which will have its own IP address, bandwidth, etc.). The advantage of having a standalone cloud server is that Helpmonks will be installed on a server for that company only, however we will manage every aspect of server administration. In short, we host and manage the server completely.

On-Premise / Self-Hosted Installation

We are the first and only email management provider to offer an on-premise (self-hosted) installation. Helpmonks On-Premise is available under an annual license and gives full access to the source code, support and upgrades. Helpmonks On-Premise is something that companies with strict in-house policies will appreciate.

We are confident that these different deployment options will fit the requirements of any of our customers.

Helpmonks is Team Email Management. Simplified. Handle your customers sales and support emails with our easy to use email management software. Create a shared inbox in Helpmonks for Sales, Marketing, Support and more.

You can create your own shared inbox in seconds at Helpmonks.com, now.