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Hello everybody!
When I reply to a email (as the view is as a “conversation”), in the list I see the sender (one of us) and nothing else referred to the customer, without be able to understand for which company is referred our email

Are there any options to see not only “from” but also “to” in the list?

Thank you

Hi Francesco,

Not exactly sure what you mean? The TO is shown on each email and so are
the CC and BCC. Also on the right side you have the customer panel and can
see who the conversation is with.

Can you pleas elaborate more?

I try to explain better:
click (for example ) in “assigned to me”
Now you see the list of all messages (in and out all together)
At the top I see:
From - Conversation - Assignet to - Last update

well, I’d like to be able to see also “to” in this view.
Because about received message, “from” is enought,
but about sent message “from” tell me just that me or my collegue have sent an email, but without any idea to whom.
Of course, if I click inside the email I can see everything. But from the list, “to” information is not showed.

Am I clear now?

The contact with whom I’m having a conversation is an important and useful information to be shown in the list

I see. Thanks.

We are aware of this and will be making updates to the list view soon (again).

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