User activity report shows activity when there was none



I just start using Helpmonks yesterday. If I go to Reports - User Activity and select Last Month as the time range, it shows all activity instead of no activity. Seems like a bug.

Apart from the above I’d like to be able to select a custom time frame, but that does not seem to be possible.




Great to have you on board.

Regarding the report, the last month shows you the activity from “today” one month back. Since you just started using Helpmonks you will see all activities from today to yesterday, i.e. those are all the activities :slight_smile:

We do not have custom time frame right now, but do have it on our RoadMap ->

Hope this helps.


Hi Nitai,

Thanks for your quick reply. Ok, I understand how it works now.

As we pay our moderators by the number of answered messages per calendar
month, it is very important to be able to select months. E.g. replies
per user in january, february, etc. When will this be available and
what’s the work around till then?

Kind regards,



Frankly, there is no workaround as the feature is not available. Though, as always, we listen to our customers and implement if there are enough requests for it. Many features are build because users are asking for it. Our customers attest to that.

That said, it’s not on high priority right now, as we have other projects and most likely will be made available when we do a bigger overhaul of the reports.


Hi Nitai,

Isn’t there a list of messages per user I can count or something like
that? This seems like such a basic thing. If there is no way at all this
could be a reason to not select Helpmonks for our business. Even a
slightly inconvenient way to get the number of messages will do for now.

Thanks for listening!



I understand that this looks easy. However, there are a lot more things going on in the background. As mentioned, we are planning some enhancements in the future to the reports.