Updates to the Helpmonks API

We just pushed a new release to our Helpmonks servers which contains the following updates to the API:

1) The return data format has changed
The updated API now has the following returned format:

success : true/false,
error : contains error (only visible if success is false,
results : contains the result

You can find more details about it in our Developer documentation.

2) New method: updateAssignee()
The new updateAssignee() method allows you to quickly update the assignee of a conversation with the API. The new method is documented at http://developer.helpmonks.com/api/conversation/update_assignee/

3) Fix on creating a new conversation
We found an issue when creating a new conversation that did not properly add the user of the conversation. In addition the documentation for creating a new conversation, shows more examples and explains the format to add a new user automatically.