Unable to download attachments in Chrome - anyone else having this issuse today?


As of today (28th June) we are unable to download attachments in emails through the system. If we use IE it works fine. Chrome is showing a warning message that reads as ‘The file is dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it’.

I have tried downloading jpg, png, pdf all with the same issue in Chrome only.

This affects all PC’s in our office.

If I go to another site in Chrome I can download fine.

Any ideas?




Yes, we are aware of this issue and our technical team is now working on resolving this.

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.


Thanks. I’ll await your update.


Hi Steve,

The issue is now fixed.

Thank you for reporting this and making Helpmonks better.


Yet to solve this issue!


Why sending this email to me?


Not really sure how we can help you with a one-liner! If you experience an issue please let us know in more detail. Please describe exactly what you see and where. Also, please contact us at support@helpmonks.com directly so we are in a better position to help. Thank you.


Hello. When you sign up for Helpmonks, you will also get signed up for this help forum. Many of our customers found this helpful. If you don’t want to receive emails from here you can unsubscribe in the forum directly.