The new Helpmonks dashboard

We’ve been working hard the last few weeks to re-design the Helpmonks dashboard. As the dashboard is the first thing you see when you sign in to Helpmonks, we wanted to make it easy for you to know what happening in your mailboxes and at the same time making it easier to navigate and switch between your mailboxes.

Additionally, as many of you now have more than ten mailboxes we wanted to provide you with an option to prioritize the mailboxes on the dashboard.

We believe we justified these requirement with the new dashboard. You can now “star” mailboxes, so that starred mailboxes appear first. In addition, you can choose to use a “compact”, a “normal”, and a “enhanced” view.

The “compact” view is especially handy on smaller devices.

Whereas the “enhanced” view represents the old view with the statistics.

We’ve also re-designed how to switch between mailboxes. The new mailbox switcher features now a search bar on the top. We’ve also converted the drop-down menu to a slide out menu, sorting the starred mailboxes at the top and proving you with more details about your mailboxes.

The new dashboard is already available to all our customers. As always we welcome any feedback.

A shared mailbox service that simply works

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Is it possible (or beneficial) to add users’ personal emails into Helpmonks (giving only them access)? This should permit them to move emails between personal accounts and the shared inbox, would it not?

You can do that already. We don’t recommend it but you can.

The only thing you need to consider is that a Helpmonks user and/or a Helpmonks mailbox cannot have the same email address (or else you would create infinite loops). Hence, in order to do so, you should create users with another email address (you can use phony ones) and turn off all email notifications.

In short, users will only work in Helpmonks.

Hope this helps.

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