The importance of a fast — personal — reply

This post appeared first on the Helpmonks blog.

In our frequent interactions with many types of businesses we have found that many don’t reply to support emails in a timely manner, despite having a slogan of “Our customers are our highest priority” or " We live for our customers". How come companies who spend a lot of money on ZenDesk, Desk, Kayako, etc., to help manage and answer customer inquiries efficiently, still don’t make timely replies?

Customer expectation ware

We believe that many help desks are not aware of the “customer expectation ware”. Let me explain what we mean by that; See, I, as your customer, have an issue. Imagine me as someone who has knowledge of surfing the web and is aware of “self help”. Nevertheless, I still can’t find the answer I’m looking for and I definitely won’t call your hotline — because the hotline just keeps me waiting after ten “yes” replies and repeated “I want to…” answers. So, I reach out to you by email.

I reach out to you by email because I hope to receive a fast response, because A) I do not wish to waste your time listening to me explain my problem, and B) I’ve already taken the time to write a short email explaining the issue in detail (well, let’s say I’m a good customer).

A simple solution

In the above scenario the worst thing that can happen is that I do not receive any feedback for 48 hours or more (believe me we have tested this and found that most help desks don’t reply within 48 hours!).

The solution to this is rather simple, though. Reply to your customer as soon as you can, and we don’t mean an automated response that their inquiry has been received, but instead reply with an actual personal message, stating that you are looking into the issue and will get back to him within xx hours. Simple as that! No magic, no handstand needed, just a simple personal reply.

This alone will give your customer confidence and will keep him happy!