The Helpmonks CRM is now ready for testing to all users


The CRM plugin is now ready for testing to all users

That’s right, all users, independent of their plan can now take the CRM for a spin. You can activate the CRM in your account by only enabling the CRM plugin. To do so, go to the “Plugins” section and then click on “Plugins Directory”.

You should then see the CRM plugin. Click on the CRM panel, and in the detail view you can enable the plugin by clicking on “Enable plugin” (this us also where you can disable the plugin).

Regarding this preview:

  • You can safely use this plugin with your production data. This plugin does NOT delete or modify your data!
  • While this is a preview, we are very close to the release
  • Please read the Helpmonks CRM structure description within the plugin to understand how the CRM works


You can report on any feature requests, ideas or issues by creating a new topic in this forum section. There is also a Feedback button available within the CRM that will create topics here automatically.

We welcome any kind of feedback. So please, do not hold back :slight_smile:

Here are some of ideas for future updates:

  • Integrate with the custom fields plugin to create any free form field per customer
  • Email filters: Automatically, assign emails from users or companies to a box
  • Notifications: Notify users of assignments of a box or task according to their notification settings in the system
Please note, that the CRM plugin is part of the “GO FURTHER” plan only. You can upgrade to any plan at any time within your Helpmonks account.