Should all members in one inbox be notified?

Hi there,
(1) When I’m sending outgoing email from HelpMonks, should also all members in that inbox receive message on their email?

(2) Also when I’m replying on email assigned to me (outgoing email from helpmonks), should also all other inbox members receive message on their email?

(3) Should all members be notified when new incoming message as been received?

(4) When reply is received on message assigned to me, should I be notified?

IMHO, this is how it should work:
(1) No
(2) No
(3) Yes
(4) Yes

But currently it is working like this:
(1) Yes
(2) Yes
(3) Unsure
(4) No
It’s really confusing. This also might fall under category Bugs…



Helpmonks works as such that it notifies all members of a mailbox on any incoming message, independent if it is assigned to you or not. The reason for this is that the philosophy is to collaborate on email and that all members are on the same page, always.

If we start to not notify certain members of a mailbox or only those who have been assigned then it works more or less like a private email tool.

The benefit of Helpmonks is that everyone knows what is going on and can contribute to a conversation.