Set a default assignee on replies

We are happy to announce another feature that was requested by our customers — the option to set the default assignee on replies.

Setting a default assignee on replies solves the issue where when you reply and forgot to assign it to yourself it will be done automatically done for you. Another benefit of this setting is that a message gets automatically assigned to the person replying if the message is unassigned.

This is just one of the latest new features coming to Helpmonks. Stay tuned for more news soon.

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If i set to default assign, will it only assign it if it’s not assigned or if i reply it will get changed as well?

There are three options:

  1. Anyone
  2. User replying (if unassigned)
  3. User replying

If you set it to 3) then overtime you reply the email will be assigned to
you, no matter if it is assigned to someone else, hence 2) is most likely
what most people want as it will assign it to you on replying but only if
it has not been already assigned.

Hope this helps.

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Hey there, loving the new default assignee feature! One weird issues comes up however, when a thread is assigned to me vs when it’s assigned to anyone, after choosing option #2 from above (user replying if unassigned).

When the thread is not assigned, then when i hit reply, it defaults to being assigned to me (great!). However, when I assign the message to myself first (or someone else assigns it to me more importantly), then from there I hit reply, it defaults to be assigned to another team member. Not sure why as she was never connected to the thread.

I’ve created a screencast to show the behavior.



Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the screencast. Very helpful.

Looks like the selection didn’t apply as it should. I just issued a fix to
our servers. Can you please check and test if it works properly now?

Thank you.

Hey Nitai,

Just checked it out and it seems like it’s working!

Thanks so much for the quick fix on this!

You got it. Thank you for using Helpmonks and being a customer.