Sending email through external SMTP

I’m trying to configure sending of email through mailjet.

I’ve filled in the email settings in the “Connection Details” tab of the “Mailbox Settings”, but it still seems like email is being sent via sendgrid.

Is this a bug or do I need to update some other related settings?


I believe this is something we have to look into it. I will get back to you
on it.

Just a heads up, but this will be fixed this weekend when we roll out
another big update. We will make an announcement when we updated the

We just updated the servers and it is now possible to send emails with your own SMTP server. We’ve tested with a wide range of SMTP providers.

Please let me know if you see any issue with this.

Hi, I am also having trouble with my smtp server i keep getting this error message Error code 535… "email (subjet : “helpmonks test email”) was not successfully sent to Error : { [Error: Invalid login] code: ‘EAUTH’, response ‘535 Authentication failed’, response code: 535

I have tried all ports available 25, 26, 465 & 587 and i have not been able to get through

can you please help thanks


Let me look into this further. We are all traveling today, but will get to
it the first thing tomorrow morning.

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Hi, I was using the wrong smtp server so this has been resolve thanks