Send email outside Helpmoks after close email conversation

Hi there.

Is that possible to send a new email using workflow, when assign status (i.e. Closed) ??

My time sheet system is able to read an email and turn it into a charge / bill to my clients.

Thanks a lot.


Not sure if I understand correctly, but you could do a condition to look
for an email with the status closed and then trigger a saved reply.

Otherwise, please let me know in more details what you want to achieve and
I’ll be happy to help.

Hi Nitai

When I turn the status of an email message to “closed” (for instance) I´d
like to send an email to my billing system.

I just found ways to assign the message to someone or send a saved reply.

My billing system is ready to receive commands by email and charge my
clients when an email message is closed.

Did myself clear ? If not, let me know ok?

Thanks a lot.



The workflow is actually very flexible. As you just figured out, you can
create a “saved reply” and when a conversation gets “closed” it will
trigger the workflow and send the saved reply with your commands.

Another option would be to call an external URL where you can then execute
your custom script.

Hope you can make it work the way you want.