Round-Robin Assignment Workflow


With this workflow you have the option to automatically assign emails to users randomly. When you set the Action to assign emails to “multiple users” in the workflow it will “Round-Robin” the assignments. (i.e. each email will be assigned to the next user, and so forth) There are multiple ways to do so by setting the condition or you can also not apply it to all emails.

Creating a Round Robin Assignment Workflow

  • On your mailbox setting, go to Workflows then click on Create a New Workflow


  • You would then need to name the workflow according to your preference. In my case, I will name it “Round Robin”

Then select which segment of users you wanted the workflow to be applied


  • Next is to select a condition which must be met to apply the workflow

In my case, I have selected Email’s Status then I selected Inbox. You may add multiple email status on this criteria depending on your preference.



  • Under Actions select “assign the email to” and add multiple users to round robin the assignment of email

Check on the Enable Workflow and click on the Update button



The round-robin works with all users or only with loged users?


Hi Pablo,

Round Robin works with the users you added on the list regardless if they are logged in or not on Helpmonks.

However, if someone is out of the office you may add another workflow that checks when an email is assigned to a certain person and then do something with it, e.g. re-assign it to another person.

Hope that helps!