Reports: Quick Reference and Report types


General information

An email conversation is considered closed/resolved when it’s status is marked as closed. If there was an assigned user at the time it’s closed, the reports will count the stats towards that user, otherwise it’s considered unassigned in regards to stats.

Most of the reports measure the responses - how many & how long, and also how long until a conversation has been closed.

The reports are real-time, (though the data may be cached up to 5 minutes for performance). We can provide real-time data because all data from the day before and earlier is pre-computed, only today’s data must be calculated on the fly.

A day is a 24 hour time period starting at midnight at the server’s location. Our hosted platform uses EST for report data. If it’s necessary to set the report day to a different time zone this can be done with a dedicated server or on-premise installation.

Four types of reports

Activity Over Time

Measures the number of received emails, number of received emails from new email addresses, and the number for closed emails for the given time range.

Mailbox Activity & (3) User Activity

These two reports are pretty similar, the difference being that one shows the values for the entire mailbox, while the other shows the values for the individual users.

There are six data points for these two reports

Total First Responses - A first response, is counted as an email with an initial reply

Total Responses - Any reply to the email, including the first reply

Total Resolved - The number of emails marked as closed

We also store the average values that it takes to reach those states :

Average First Response Time - The time between the customer’s first email to the mailbox and the first reply back to the customer

Average Response Time - The average time the customer waits between sending an email and receiving a response

Average Resolution Time - The average time between the customer’s first email and the email conversation being marked as closed.

User Detail Report

This report is a little hidden, but at the bottom of the User Activity Report, you can link to the User Detail Report for the named user by clicking on the name

Total Conversations - The total number emails the user was a part of (had at least one reply)

Total Responses - Total replies in the given time period

Average reply time - average time from the customer’s email to the reply of that user.

Total average responses - This is the average number of responses per day that the user worked in the given time range. A day is considered a working day if the user had at least one reply.

Days with most and least replies - Lists the day of the week that fits the value. Only days in which the user had at least one reply will be counted.

In the Conversations table all email conversation that the user was a part of are listed.

However the data in this table is for the conversation itself and not the particular user being viewed. When a conversation states that there were 5 responses, only one of those must be from the user of the report.

Summary - The summary shows the averages of the data in the conversation table. Total responses is the total of all the responses in the table, and is the total of all user responses.


Hi, are the response time in seconds,minutes or hours?



When you check the mailbox and user response time, it would show you the exact minutes and seconds on the report.


this response isnt satisfactory…are the response time in seconds,minutes or hours


see below raw data

num_first_responses num_responses num_resolved average_first_response_time average_response_time average_resolution_time
98 124 49 2093.98 9750.38 1587.24



I see what you mean now, on the exported report, the response time is shown in seconds. On the other hand, when you check this on the reports page, it shows the data in exact hours, minutes and seconds.


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Hi Laura,

When you sign up you are automatically subscribed to our forum. However, you can sign in at and change your notifications.

Thank you.


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