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Right now when I as a user reply to a new ticket in the inbox, by default, the Assigned to is set to “Anyone.” It would be nice if there was a way to set it so that by default it is assigned to whomever happens to be responding to the thread so that when the customer replies (even if the conversation has been marked as closed) it will be assigned back to that person they interacted with automatically, rather than going through the inbox first. Also, this would reduce the step of the user having to assign the conversation to themselves before replying.

(this is another feature I liked about Helpscout)


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Actually, this “feature” exists. If the conversation is already assigned and another user replies, it will not automatically be set yo “Anyone” but keep the current assignee.

I’m not saying, you are wrong, but if you help me understand how you reply to emails (within Helpmonks or by email) and the settings of your mailbox account (do you close messages on reply, etc.?) I’ll be in a better position to get to the bottom of this.

Thank you for using Helpmonks and being a customer.


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Hey Nitai,

What I mean is that there’s no mailbox settings for default assignee. So if you reply back to a message as a user and don’t manually set it to yourself, it will be assigned to anyone. This normally wouldn’t be a problem if your notification settings are such that you’re alerted whenever any new mail arrives in the inbox, but for some or our users, they’re only notified when an email is assigned to them, so sometimes they don’t know about the reply from the customer until after a few days. I’m trying to train them to always set the asignee to themselves, but it would be nice if they didn’t have to worry about it, like in helpscout.

Here’s a screencast of the difference to explain:

Thanks much!


Ah, I see. Something like a “default assignee” when there is no one assigned? But then how do you decide if the message should be unassigned or not?


Hi Nitai,

As far as i understand he wants a “default assignee” should happen when someone reply’s to the email only.


Right Leo - thanks for putting it into the right words :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you. We will look into it and make it happen. Don’t have an ETA,


I’m happy to announce that your requested feature is now available.

Go to the Mailbox Settings and you will see the new “Default Assignee” setting. I suggest you clear your browser cache too in order for everything to apply properly.

Thank you for using Helpmonks :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks Nitai! This is really useful.



Thanks Nitai!! very helpful.


Wow your getting this feature added so quickly is awesome! Really
appreciate your team listening to our feedback!



Thank you. I’ll quote you on that one :grinning: