Reminding with an Agenda/Calendar view mode


Hi everybody
I’d suggest to make a view of all “remindings” as an agenda / calendar and not just not the view of email with 1 or more reminding inside, with the chance to add a short note connected to the “reminding” (explaning what do I have to do at that time)
And also be able to add a “reminding” not connected to a specific mail.

Thank you


Thank you for the suggestion. We will keep this in mind for a future


Maybe easier to develop, but usefull for our type of use, could be to have the chance to order the mail in “reminders” folder by time of reminding , in a way to see first what is going to “expire” first with wrote the expiring date (instead or plus the date of last update that actually is shown)
It become like a “to do list”, where we can see what we have to do first, and what to do later.

What do you think?


We will think about it. You can always see what we are working on at