Remind me notification (where are?)

Hello everybody!
I tried to set some remindings, but I don’t get any notification
I set in the users the desktop notifications (in chrome we get a notification for every mail got, or assigning mail…)
After the setted date and time, it dissapear from "reminders folder"without any signal.
Also, I can’t see (as history) that in that email there was a reminding

What I should do correctly to let it appears is some way?

Thank you

Reminders are being sent by email and it just sends you the conversation to you.

Hope this helps.

I have 4 user for 1 email box that we have to share.
All user have just an alias (not a real separated email), because I don’t want they have to handle another email. They have just to work in the shared mail.
Imaging that the share email is support @
and user alias is francesco @

In this scenario no notification or email appear in helpmonks showing you the reminding.

Am I doing something wrong?

It would be fine to have a desktop notification that stay “there” till we say “see-close-postpone”, and not that dissapear the reminding without any action.

In order for reminders to work, they have to go to a user. As long as you created those four users in Helpmonks, it will be fine. Once the user signs in and sets a reminder he will get reminded of the email to his email address.

It is not going to work, if your users are using the shared email address!

All actions, reminders, etc. can be found in the notification panel

I have 4 users and everybody have his own email address wrote in helpmonks (in user area) but we handle just one shared email in helpmonks. This is why we use helpmonks.
I don’t understand if you mean that the notify by email is external or internal.
We use only 1 email in helpmonks. I don’t want that my user andle other email box.

This is how we are structured:
user1 email: user1@
user2 email:
user3 email:
Francesco email : francesco @

Shared email: support@

the first 3 email are “alias” of support@

francesco @ is a separated accound.

When I set a reminding for myself (Francesco) , I don’t get any notification in helpmonks , but just an email to my external account.

If other 3 user do something, nothing appen.
I don’t want to set up new emails account to them and ask to them to watch in 2 places.
I’d like to do everything just in 1 shared mail in helpmonks. That’s why I’m here.

Please reply. In awhile I check better how to do, And I will revert you back

I added now 2 remindings
1 is expired and one still active. None of them appear in “notification panel”

Please apologise the delay in my answer. I thought, I already replied.

That said, we are looking into this and will update here once we’ve done it.

Hi there,

You will now be notified for a reminder with a desktop notification and see reminders in the activity panel, also (The desktop notification will also stay).

This is a new feature and we are planning to update our server with this and some other updates over this weekend.

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