Put Reply to Note Button on Note Itself


Hi there,

More than. few times I’ve quickly and thoughtless clicked the “Reply” button and send my reply to the actual customer instead of replying to my staff member about a question they’ve asked me in. note.

I know this is my fault, but I have a feeling that if there were a Reply to Note button at the bottom of a note itself, there’s a good chance I’d click that instead of accidentally replying to the customer (which is very bad!).

Anyway, it’s a small thing, but would be nice.



Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll think about this some more. It comes in
line with a lot of things we want to change to the detail page in the
future anyhow.


Thanks for considering!



We’ve now added the option to reply from a note directly

The new feature will be available after we are updating our servers this weekend.

Thank you for reporting this and being a customer. You are awesome.

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