Preview Attachments w/o download

We are new to Helpmonks, and wonder how I can preview attachments without downloading each and every one. Using Google Chrome.

Nevermind! I figured it out. You click on the attachment name below, instead of the attachment itself.

Helpmonks creates for most file types a preview image and we make attachments available for each message right under the message content.

For most file types, you can view the content within Helpmonks (PDF, images, videos, audios) There is usually no need to download them.

However, you can download them in addition, by clicking on the “download icon”.


I’m a bit surprised that it only works by clicking on the name. In the example above, I’m able to click on the preview image to see the full size one. Can you let me know the file type, so we can correct that?

  • Acknowledgement_594018__44645_C_.pdf
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I’m sorry, this is the type that is downloading. Sorry for the confusion. I can’t click anywhere to preview it.

We are looking into it. For the record, for your (and our) security, I’ve removed those links. While they are only temporary available we don’t want to give any one the chance to mess with it :slight_smile:

Looking at the message, I see the attachment at the bottom with the preview. Clicking either on the image or the name opens the PDF preview for me. Is that not the case for you?


I appreciate your great service! Yeah, that one is ok. The other one is from a different company and the only ones that I can’t preview. Sorry for the confusion.

Ok, it could be that the file is in another format or has a content-type that does not allow it to show in the browser, despite having a different file extension. For the protection of our customers, we check the content-type and not the file extension only.

Thank you for your kind words. You can also reach out to us in the in-app chat, here, or by email.