Pleased to Report that Reports are Here

Over the last few weeks we’ve been hard at work developing a reports interface for our customers and we are pleased to announce that our new report section is now live for everyone to enjoy. The reports data will go as far back as your account.

Reports offers in-depth metrics on email activity over time, mailbox activity, user’s response times, number of resolved emails and much more for each mailbox in your Helpmonks account.

Each report can be filtered by time frame, and some by individual mailbox as well. Using the reports interface, it is very easy for you to filter down to view only the information pertinent to you regarding your email activity.

Want to easily track activity after launching a marketing campaign? Using our “Activity over Time” report you can easily see how many emails came in from brand new email addresses broken down by time segments.

Furthermore, using reports you can easily learn how many responses you have sent in a given time period along with the average response time of the replies - by user or mailbox. With a glance you can see how efficient your team is in replying to customers - and easily tell if response times and therefore customer satisfaction is improving.

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Our promise with HelpMonks is to keep your communication streamlined. HelpMonks will be invisible to your employees, boost team productivity and feel personal to your customers.

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