Pesky indentation @ beginning of email sent to clients

We are new to HelpMonks and still getting things figured out. I have noticed that my responses have an extra indentation at the beginning of them in the email that gets sent out. This has happened a few times and I am certain there are no extra spaces/tabs at the beginning of the message before I send it. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

Here an example of the issue:
(new users can’t use images in posts so I had to link externally)

Thanks in advance,

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your report. This is rather odd and I haven not seen this in
my usage. Are you sending emails with your email client or within
Helpmonks? If so, what OS and browse are you using? Is this happening with
all browsers?


Hi Nitai,
Another person with our company had opened up a different support request with you guys for another unrelated issue. He forwarded a copy of the reply to me and I saw the same thing happening:

Link to image example:

If I use the link in Outlook to view the message in my browser the space is still there as well.



Apologies for the delay in my answer. I’ve done testing in my outlook as
well, but am unable to reproduce the indentation.

We also just released an update this weekend. Can you give it a try again
or let me know if the issue persists?