PDF attachment does not preview correctly - instead "OK"

Our Cust. Service dept. uses Helpmonks to receive orders from customers. Primarily, these are PDF files, most often sent automatically by whatever software they are using.

We’re having trouble with PDF files from one customer in particular. When we click on the attachment to preview it, instead of displaying correctly, we get a blank screen with just an “OK” on it. It’s very strange, and something I’ve never seen before.

The same PDF previews just fine in Google Mail. If the file is saved and then opened, it displays just fine, but we’d much rather preview it on-screen if possible.


Please send us an email at support@helpmonks.com with the URL of the conversation you are referring to, so we can further help. Thank you.

I have replied directly via email.

Also, I wanted to add that we are unable to download the PDFs in Helpmonks as well as not being able to preview them. When trying to download, we just get a blank screen with OK. We have to forward the message outside of Helpmonks to view/download.