Option to not receive mail in users personal mailboxes


We exclusively use the Helpmonks interface to work with our e-mails in the shared inbox…We do not use our own e-mail clients. This is because we need to constantly be able to see each others e-mails, it is easier to use all the functions in the Helpmonks interface, and it does not make sense for us to use overlapping systems.

As a result, our personal inboxes become unnecessarily cluttered with e-mails, which need to be deleted.

We would like an option to not receive e-mails from our shared inbox to our personal e-mail addresses.

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Hi Freddy,

Sounds great. You can go to your profile and turn off the email
notifications. Though, right now, when an email is assigned to you, you
will always get an email notification. We will change this in the near

Hope this helps. Thank you for using Helpmonks and being a customer.