Option to Automatically Close Thread on Reply

One thing I really miss from Helpscout was the ability to set the mailbox to automatically set the status of a ticket to closed after anyone replies either via the web app or the email app. I know that there are email commands available, but this would reduce having to always add a #close at the end.



That sounds like a good addition. Not sure how Helpscout is handling it,
but I imagine it could be a setting under “mailbox setting” to
automatically close a thread as soon as an internal user replies. Is this
how you imagine it?

Yes exactly! Attaching a screenshot:


Thank you for that.

I’m happy to let you know that the feature is now available. I will write a blog post about it soon, but for now, please go ahead and enjoy :smile:

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Wow that’s amazing!! I can’t believe how quickly you were able to implement that. You’ve just made switching even easier for the rest of my team - thanks much!

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Hey there, I’m not sure if this is just me, but I tried this a few days ago and it worked great, but now when I reply to a thread, it no longer closes automatically even though I have it set to do so. Also, I was wondering if it would be possible to request something down the road where if you choose to have the thread automatically close, the page could automatically be redirected back to the inbox? (maybe I need to put in an additional feature request for that?)



The feature still works as we are using it ourselves daily. However, as this has been the case in the past, could it be that you don’t reply from a subscriber email? The “thread actions” only take place when a subscriber replies.

Regarding the “redirect”. We actually had this in the past, but changed it as I find it personally very disturbing to close a message (or any other action) and then being automatically redirected to another view. Therefore, when you close a message in the detail view we show a notification and don’t disturb the user with a redirection.

I’m replying from the web app itself. I don’t understand why this feature would only work from an email client, but not the web app if the feature is set to automatically close.

It seems that your team has a natural preference for working from their email client, however, my team (and many other teams of entrepreneurs I know) is used to working from the web app as their main interface. Assistants that we hire don’t want business emails flooding their personal email accounts and we don’t want to create separate business email addresses for them as they’re only handling support. Thus checking and working from a web interface makes more sense for our team members. As I mentioned, we’re used to Helpscout which offers a robust web app interface experience.

It seems like with Helpmonks though, new features are added to the email client experience without being brought over to the web app experience (for example: email commands). I suppose if this mismatch in features between the 2 is always going to be the case at Helpmonks, it may not be the best fit for our team in the long run after all, as we’re working from a different philosophy.

Thanks all the same.


I see. Yes, we have not incorporated the option into the web client. That’s not a big issue, as it merely has been forgotten by my team. Sorry about that.

I would say that our web client is on par with other clients. We are hard at work, enhancing this in the future (adding drafts, etc.). However, everything else is available in the web client. You can set reminders, label, etc. all from within the web client.

Thus, I’m not quite sure why you see a mismatch (other then the new automated “close” option).

The option to close automatically (according to the mailbox setting) takes now also effect when replying from within the Helpmonks web app.

We will deploy the change tomorrow. Thank you for letting us know.

Oh gotcha - thanks for the update on the web app getting that feature soon and to hear that the web app experience will still get the same features as the email client side of things.

Much appreciated!


Just a quick followup: We just deployed the above mentioned changes. Additionally, we updated the workflow to take effect on all emails, on customer emails or on subscriber emails only (official announcement follows soon).

That’s so awesome - thanks for the update and for your team’s hard work on this!