Option to assign a default font family and size to our inbox replies


At the moment the system editor defaults to Times New Roman font as the default text when composing a message. I know we can change the family and font size manually but it would be nice to have control over the default so we can set a default preference from the available fonts and sizes.

It would help ensure all users are consistently using the same style in a shared inbox.



The default font is “Impact”. We will look into this for a future version.
Thank you.


Agreed, all of my responses are now in Times New Roman as default, when they were originally in Tahoma or Verdana - having to change it every time now has been a little annoying, would love to be able to set the default font myself to avoid this.



Yes, this is annoying. We just fixed it and it is now back to normal again. Sorry about that (if you don’t see the change, please flush the cache of your browser).

I’ve added the option to set a default font to our RoadMap.

Thank you



I kind of need this function to bee there as the current font size 14 or so and not very elegant. I don’t want my team to every time change the font and size.

Any news on this?



There is no option for that yet.


Any news this function is coming there in the near future (weeks)? The current default is kind of a super big font in gmail. Or can I fix this in an other way?


Are you selecting a font when you write a message? If you do not select a font, then it just select the default font. Sending message to gmail look just normal.

Never seen a “super big font” so far.


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