No Validation Error in To Field?

Hi All,

I’m not sure if this is by design or something overlooked, so for now I’ll categorize it as a bug. If it turns out to be a design choice, feel free to move it to feature requests.

So after getting no reply from a customer I sent an email to the other day, I looked into it and found that there was no recipient attached to the email. I’m pretty sure I entered an email address into the TO field when composing the email, but now that I look at the thread, I see it going to no one.

Now, I just tested to see if it was possible to put no email address in the To: field and see if it can send, and YES, amazingly, it still allows you to “Send” an email to absolutely no recipient.

Can’t there be a validation error that stops this from happening just in case one fails to actually put a recipient in the To field by accident? Seems pretty logical to me.



Hi Kevin! This instance is being checked now by our engineers. Rest assured that we will reach out once we know more. Thank you.


I’m not Kevin, probably you made a mistake sending the email.



When you sign up, you are automatically subscribed to our forum. However, you can log in at and turn off the notification in your preferences so you won’t get these emails.

Thank you.

Hi Kevin,

There should definitely be a validation, i.e., when the “TO” field is empty is should not send the email. We will look into it and get this fixed asap.

For those who think that these emails are for support and you are getting them as well, it is because this conversation takes place on, our public help forum. We thought it wise to subscribe you to it when you signed up for an account in Helpmonks. We have since stoped this practice and apologize for the confusion. It was meant to be helpful.


The issue is now fixed and we will update our servers in the coming hours with the fix.

Thank you for reporting this and making Helpmonks better for everyone.