No reply too option


Where can i find ‘’‘REPLY TO’’’ in helpmonks email once am about to compose a letter? if at all i don’t want a reply back to my office email but to my private email which is quite different from the one i registered in the helpmonks office …’‘REPLY TOO’’ is hidden?


Hi Martin,

Please excuse, but I’m not quite sure what the question is.

Helpmonks works as such that you receive emails for your shared email-address, e.g. in your Helpmonks mailbox. Then you can reply to the customer within Helpmonks or within your email client (to the Helpmonks notification email).

If you want to leave a note to your team or for yourself, you can do that within Helpmonks, too. Just hit the “Note” button (the editor will be yellow).

I hope this helps. We can always jump on a web session to discuss this further or to answer any other questions you might have. To schedule a time, please go to and select the day and time that works best for you and your team. If you don’t find a time slot that works for you, please contact me, and I’m sure we can arrange something.