New in Helpmonks: IMAP syncing for outgoing message

We just released an exciting new feature for Helpmonks - IMAP syncing for outgoing messages. What this means, is that every new message or reply in Helpmonks will be synced to your mail server.

As Helpmonks works with forwarding an email from your shared inbox on the mail server to the shared inbox in Helpmonks, there was always the missing aspect of new messages or replies in Helpmonks not being available to you on your mail server.

With today’s IMAP synchronization feature, Helpmonks becomes, even more, an integral part to your shared inbox environment. While forwarding your emails from your shared inbox to Helpmonks always allowed you to keep a copy of each message on your mail server, with today’s IMAP sync option you will also have a copy of all outgoing messages from your shared inbox in Helpmonks on your mail server.

Head over to our IMAP sync guide to see how to enable this option now.

Please note that IMAP syncing is only available to customers on the “Bliss” and “Get further” plans. As always you can upgrade right within your Helpmonks account.

What’s next
We know many are waiting for a Group / Workgroup option in Helpmonks and we are happy to let you know that we are hard at work to enhance Helpmonks soon with the ability to work in Groups. More news is coming your way soon.

Hi Nitai

I’m trying to set up the below, and it says I’m still on the free trial even though I upgraded to Bliss yesterday. How can I access the extra features please?


Hi Katie,

Please sign out and back in. Your account looks good.

Hi Nitai,

I just realized your responses were intended for KatieKeith but were sent to me.

Please respond to Katie!




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