New in Helpmonks: Grouping and filtering of emails

We know that our customers need to work on emails as efficient as possible. To that end, we are very excited to announce that there is now a group and filter option available in Helpmonks.

Grouping shows your emails grouped by sender, subject, and where applicable by an assignee. Whereas filtering displays only emails with the provided filter, e.g., “Show messages from today”, “Show unread messages only”, etc. In addition, switching between email lists will remember your group and filter selection.

Best of it all is that you can combine a group and a filter. For example, selecting “Group by sender” and then using “Show unread messages only” will show unread messages grouped by sender only. Sounds obvious, but it’s a convenient option to have.

Not much more to say here, as we are sure the usability of this new feature is much more appreciated in the daily use of blowing through your team emails in Helpmonks.

Here are some screenshots for your pleasure. Please excuse the blur, but we rather show you real-life examples than some mockups.

What’s next

We already finished the “Advanced Search” functionality and will publish it soon. Additionally, we updated our SSO plugin to work with SAML. As always, please visit our public RoadMap to see what we are working on (you can also vote on features).