New in Helpmonks: Companies are automatically created for you

Companies — a unique feature of Helpmonks — is one of the favorite features of our customers. With companies, you have a complete overview of all the users of a company with its entire email history.

The options to create companies in Helpmonks is one of those features that helps you get more insight into how you and your team performs.

Furthermore, you can use a company record all over your shared inboxes, and they prove especially helpful when creating a workflow.

Up to this point, you had to create companies manually. Today this is changing as we are creating companies for you automatically. Some of you might have already seen that you have more company records as before.

That’s it

Creating companies automatically is just one of the many ways we try to improve the workflow for our customer. As always we love to hear what you think.

Curious what Helpmonks is all about?

See why so many companies switch from their Helpdesk solution or email groups to a collaborative email platform like Helpmonks.

This is an underrated improvement. Thanks!

Totally agree :+1: :slight_smile:

Awesome, do they have a default SLA you can set for new companies ?

Can you shed some light on the logic used to create the new companies and the company names?

SLAs are not automatically set for companies as each customer can have different SLA configurations.

Sure. When there are three or more email addresses found with the same domain, the system will create a “Company” for the email domain. When there is already a company with the same domain it will skip it. As this is automated, the name of the company will be the domain.

Hope this helps.