Move conversation back to Mine when there's a reminder but the customer messages us

If we email a customer, then assign the sent email to a staff member and add a reminder, the message is stored in the Reminders section of the assigned staff member. Great - that’s ideal.

Our staff don’t monitor the emails in the Reminders section, instead they wait for the reminder which moves the message to the Mine section, then they deal with it.

Problem is when the customer replies, the message stays in the Reminders section, so my staff aren’t dealing with the new email until the reminder comes up.

Is there any way to move the email to the Mine section when we receive a reply?

The ideal solution that would work for us would be for a note to be created in the conversation when a reminder is set, for example “A reminder for this conversation has been set for Tomorrow at 8:00 AM”,

Then, is the customer replies before the reminder, the reminder is removed so the message moves back to the Mine section, but the note remains.

Hi Chris,

We’ve looked further into this and the following solution would work:

When a new reply arrives for a message with a reminder we would remove the reminder and put the message back into the “mine” folder. We could then add a note saying that the reminder was removed. Additionally, we unread count would go up as there is a new message.

This is almost like you proposed here and I think that would solve the issue. What do you think?

That’ll be ideal. Thanks.

Alright, we just pushed an update to our servers and your request is now

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