Missing customization on login page

Customization is missign from login page when opening from email link

i.e. https://mysite.helpmonks.com/login?jump=/mailbox/54b1bf56e0896f5b21a2c4ce/assigned/54bb8ba38cf539f879957a04

By customization I mean logo + background image.

Final resolution: NOT a bug


I can’t replicate that. When I need to sign in it shows me the logo and image and then redirects me to the message.

Could this be a cache issue in your browser?

Hi Nitai,
Please try this. First, log out from your helpmonks.com instance.
Then open this link: https://codeforcroatia.helpmonks.com/login?jump=/mailbox/54b1bf56e0896f5b21a2c4ce/assigned/54bb8ba38cf539f879957a04

In login screen - Let me know if you see custom logo+background or customised?

Tried on 2 different computers on 2 different browsers (Mac/Safari and Win8/Chrome) and both are reproducible.


Yes, works every time I try it here. I see your logo and your background
image. Cleared my browser cache completely to make sure I’m not using a
cached version.

Do you get an error in the browser develop tools?

That seems right. I saw 3 CSS errors in bootstrap.css. I will share screenshot via email.
But after clearing my cache, it is not reproducible anymore. All good.

Oh great. Yes, clearing browser cache is definitely helpful from time to