Minor notification changes coming


We wanted to bring your attention to the notification updates below that will change when Groups is released on March 25th. These notification changes are minor but some users may notice they’re not longer alerted to the same emails.

The main changes to note are the ones for the New Message.

New Message:
New messages will need to have a status of INBOX or PENDING (w/o an assignee). Users may notice that when workflows update an incoming email, for example to close it directly, then users will not be notified of the incoming email.

This status still alerts a user to any changes on a conversation assigned to them. In addition the user will be notified if the conversation is unassigned for them.

This is unchanged, and will be triggered for any reply and note on conversations not applied to the user.

This is unchanged, the user will be notified if a comment is left on an email not assigned to them.

This is unchanged, the user will be notified if a customer reply is added on a conversation not assigned to them.

Overall we think the minor changes to the notifications are for the better. However, please let us know if there are questions.