Mailbox Permissions: Limit which status staff can use


Our staff members mark an email as Closed when it’s finished with. However, I like to check that the email is actually finished with.

Ideally, I’d like staff members to be able to mark emails as Closed but not Archived.

This way, a staff member will close the email then at the end of the day I’d then go through the Closed emails and if in fact they are finished with I’d Archive them. What I don’t want is for a staff member to Archive the email as it’ll skip the process of me checking it.

I appreciate not everyone would want this so it should be added to General Configuration > General > Mailbox Permissions + Users are allowed to archive emails


Under Mailbox Settings you have the option to set the status when an email
is being replied to. If you set it to closed it will be automatically be
closed and moved to the closed mailbox.

We do not have an option with permissions for this.

If you like to have a feature added you always have the option to support
development. If you would like to do that please contact our sales team at