Issues with the "resolved" status in reports


I’ve noticed a couple of issues with the resolved status within the reports;

  1. If you archive emails straightaway the “activity over time” report doesn’t class as resolved. Wouldn’t it be better to class Archived and Closed as the same in this regard? (Important note: if you close them first and then archive then this section of the report still treats them as closed)

  2. The “Mailbox Activity” and “User Activity” Average resolution time and number resolved chart only counts emails as resolved while they stay in the “closed” section. As soon as you archive them they no-longer count towards these graphs.

  3. If you re-open a previously closed card, it’s still classed as closed in the “Activity over time” graph.


Not everyone works with the same logic, so we rather don’t “force”
something upon our customers. Hence moving to “archived” doesn’t
automatically “resolve” it.


I understand that. Maybe a setting then would work best.

But the other two bugs are still relevant?


I’ve added the issues to our lost of things to do. Thank you.