Is there an email delay?


Since about 12:30 AEST helpmonks has not been sending emails. It is now 1:40pm and still nothing.

This has been happening weekly for the last month, when will this system become more stable?


No, Helpmonks is not down, again. You can always check our status page at

Emails are being sent and received.

If there is an issue please send an email to


Regardless of what your status page says, we were not able to send emails for over an hour



Emails are again not being processed by helpmonks in a reasonable time. We are receiving the emails immediately in gmail so it has to be an issue with helpmonks. We’ve not changed any settings.

Can you please have this investigated? This is a continuing issue and quality of service needs to be the top priority.


Helpmonks works with forwarding emails. If there is a forwarding delay on the mail providers side, then there can be delays. For example, we have seen that with Rackspace and Office365 emails are sometimes being delayed on their end. Especially, Rackspace is known to have issues with long delays for quite some time.

From our side, all is looking good the last 24 hours. As a fact the last few days.


This is for emails that have been sent from the client, we are getting the in gmail but they dont arrive in helpmonks at the similar time. Most times it is within seconds but during the issue period it can be hours.

Jade Lowe

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We stopped receiving emails in Helpmonks today 03 April 2019 at approximately 3:30pm BST (UK). Is anyone else experiencing delays as the status page says all is well. We have 4 email accounts being forwarded by 3 different mail servers so it seems strange that all 3 would have delays simultaneously.


I can confirm, I have not received a single email in helpmonks for over an hour, but I have my mail setup to route (at the MX record level) all emails to my personal box as well (for exactly this reason) and they are coming in steady there.

Helpmonks is broken…again.

EDIT: Of course, as soon as I posted this emails are starting to come in, though they are still over an hour behind according to timestamps.


We have also experienced issues. If this continues, we will have to go somewhere else. Expecting an explanation.


It’s been extraordinarily slow to even use.


We are considering moving as well which is unfortunate because i feel like NItai means well and tries to provide us with a good service. It just isn’t working out.


Any alternatives? I don’t see many any other options though, price wise.


We had to leave a while ago, yes helpmonks has potential and is cheap but my business reputation can’t sustain constant outages


JakeJake, freshdesk on blossom is working for us. Most of the same features… more in fact. Slightly more costly but I’ll pay more for a system that is always available. We are still trialling just to make sure.


If i switched it would be to a traditional helpdesk style ticketing system. The added functionality would be useful, and I would be able to replicate much of the capabilities of helpmonks. The cost would be higher and it would be more complex so I don’t really want to do it since helpmonks does everything i need, but reliability trumps all else.


I sent this reply 15 minuts ago and it just hit the list. That kind of a delay is unacceptable.


Hello all,

I’ve been in contact with some of you directly and will be glad to communicate it here for everyone as well.

First of all, we’ve invested a lot into our infrastructure and enhanced our platform a lot in the recent months. Part of that endeavor we’ve outlined over at

Since then, we have also added several “parsing servers” (servers that parse your emails) which will make delivery of incoming emails faster.

That said, we’ve run into some scalability issues with parsing very large emails and when “some spammer” decides to send 100,000 emails at once. When this is happening, despite of several servers running in parallel, a delay is happening, i.e., you will see a delay of incoming emails.

These are the technical details. From a personal perspective this of course totally frustrating. Not only for you, but also for us. However, let me re-iterate, during this time, Helpmonks is NOT down or unavailable. The web app is available, you can use Helpmonks with all the functionality, send emails, and so forth.

We are working hard here to provide you with the best shared inbox experience there is out there.

Thank you for using Helpmonks and being a customer.

CEO & Founder


This is a FORUM and NOT Helpmonks. This has nothing to do with Helpmonks but is a service we provide.


Nitai, you are a good guy but until your definition of “DOWN” is equivalent to the customer’s version you’ll continue to lose them. Quite simply: if your application is not delivering email within 1 minute of the users base email application then it is effectively down, cause a desperate client will have called by then. As the very least, after that time, the application is ineffective. I would love to move back to helpmonks but it needs to meet my requirements first and be consistently not “DOWN”



I only mentioned that because it was similar to the delay we were experiencing. We cannot function this way. If this cannot be resolved, and fast, and for good, we will have no choice. My customers cannot wait that long and they should not have to!