Is is possible for 'mailto' to open a new email in helpmonks?



I think the answer to this is no but I may as well ask.

When our users click on an email address on a webpage or within an email in helpmonks it currently opens a new email in MS Outlook. Is there a way to change this within Windows or the browser so a ‘mailto’ link opens a new email in helpmonks ready to compose. We use Windows 7 with Chrome and IE.

I’m guessing this is not possible and if it was how would the system know which mailbox to compose the new email in.

Just thought I would check as one of my users asked the question.




Hi Steve,

As you’ve guessed, the answer is “No”. However, you can use the “#new” email command to send a new message from your email client over the mailbox.

Please see Email Commands

I hope this helps.