Is helpmonks not working this morning?


We are experiencing major technical issues this morning -

  • Unable to click the ‘Reply’ button for about a minute when opening an email. It’s almost like the page is really slow to load.
  • Bounce backs being sent stating ‘’ stating ‘A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
  • If we send a reply the system is not then showing the reply in the conversation thread and nothing is actually being sent via our outgoing mail server. Some messages are sending and others are not. If it does not send then helpmonks does not show the reply in the conversation thread.
  • We are unable to close messages or mark them as answered.

We have tried using the system on various devices and connections.

Is anyone else having these issues today?

Please advise asap as the system is unusable at the moment.



Hi Steve,

We pushed an update out yesterday evening to Helpmonks. In case your browser is still working with previous files please clear the cache your browser to force it to grab the most up to date versions.

As for the bounce backs, please forward some bounced email messages you’ve received to We see that an email is processed and added to your account every ~3 minutes, are these same emails arriving in the system also being sent back out as bounce back emails.

As for the speed issue, could you share a bit more information? Performing multiple updates in bulk is performing as expected on the web site. Could you share if the speed issue has been consistent or intermittent?



Hi Denise

I have cleared the cache in my browser and am running some tests to see if we are now able to reply to messages. Some messages appear to be sending now and others don’t. The ones that send record the text in the conversation and the ones that don’t simply take you back to the conversation with no change and the editor is closed and as if ‘reply’ was never pressed.

Changing status of emails - I have noticed that if you are looking at the inbox and tick an email (instead of opening the email) you can change the status no problem. For example if I change it to ‘Closed’ it moves and the screen refreshes. If however I open an email and change its status to ‘closed’ nothing happens on screen and the email status sometimes changes but gives no indication on screen that it has changed. This happens in Chrome and IE.

The bounce issue seems to have only been one email. I will forward the bounce to you now.

The speed issue is very strange. It seems worse in IE than Chrome. If I open login to the system in IE it takes time for the onscreen graphs to load. If I am viewing an email I can not always click ‘Reply’ (I see a no entry sign) in IE but in chrome the the no entry sign goes after 5 to 10 seconds and I can then press reply.



Hi Steve,

Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ve just now deployed a fix for the
‘closed’ issue. As you mentioned the message was being closed, however the
UI did not reflect this. This has been corrected, and should take effect
immediately. If you find it’s still freezing we suggest clearing your
browser cache, as not all browsers follow reset cache directives.

The other issues are being looked at, we’ll email you directly from our
support address with an update as we have one.



Hi Denise

The issue with changing status is now resolved, thanks.

The speed issue has however got worse - We are really struggling with the speed of the system today. The system is not working at all in IE as its unusably slow. In Chrome it is very slow so opening an inbox takes between 20 and 40 (and sometime more) seconds. We have therefore had to switch to FireFox which is much quicker but my team are not so accustomed to this browser. If you can look at this issue that would be great.




Hi Steve,

We have multiple reports from customers in the UK who seem to have an issue
with the performance. However, as we have customers from all over the world
and them and including us have no issues, I believe this can be isolated to
the UK right now. For what it is worth, any site in the UK is extremely
slow for me too.

Could you check with your provider please?