IP-Acess Plugin


With the IP Access Plugin you can limit access to your Helpmonks account by IP-addresses and prevent unauthorized access. Secure your Helpmonks account access, allowing access only from specific networks.

You can add as many IP addresses as you like. On the unauthorized access section, you can provide feedback within Helpmonks or redirect the unauthorized user to another site.

*Note: This plugin is available on the Go Further Plan

Activating IP Access on Helpmonks

  • To enable this plugin, go to Administration on your mailbox settings, select Plugins and go to the IP-Access tab


  • You would then need to configure the settings

In the text box, add the IP address that you want to restrict then click on Add. You can add as many IP-address you want to limit access on your Helpmonks.

Under Existing IP-Addresses, you can see the list of restricted IP addresses which you can Remove or Update.


  • On the Unauthorize Access Configuration you may redirect them to another site or when you leave this blank it will show an error message. You can create a customize message on the box then click on the Update button.