Import Conversations from Helpscout

Hi. Can I import conversations from Helpscout? I don’t have so much, about 150 conversations, but can be good to have in only one place.

Some tip or code for migrating this?



Email are just that emails. You could simply forward them from your
existing account to a Helpmonks account.

Would that work?

I suppose this would be a possibility, but it sounds pretty scary forwarding tons of emails out of helpscout and hoping they appear in helpmonks ok. Also, you’d lose a lot of the meta data and threads. Nonetheless, I can only imagine this is a bear of a project to implement so I’m not officially requesting it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, totally understand. Actually, our API is ready by now (with
documentation) and this would be another option, i.e. writing a script that
would leverage our API to import data/conversations.

Maybe that’s an alternative? API documentation is at

Hi folks,

I’m assuming you already are aware, but just in case:

Wondering if you can look into why helpmonks is not loading at the moment
but producing a 502 error when I try to access.



Never mind - it appears I assumed that our subdomain of helpmonks was also
down, but I just tried and ours is still up!