How to work with custom fields


Add Custom Fields to your emails

With the Custom Fields plugin, you are able to define custom fields which will be editable per email, customer, and company. Also, you can create workflows which react to a custom field value.
Helpmonks displays editable custom field values in the right pane when viewing an email and when you edit a customer or company record.

Here is a quick guide on how to Add Custom Fields to your emails:

In your Helpmonks mailbox, click on your username on the top right and go to Plugins. Click on the ‘Custom Fields’ -> Add a New Custom Field. First ‘Name the Field’ (we will name it ‘Comment’ for example), then go and ‘Define a Format for the Field’ from the dropdown menu. You can select ‘Text’ or 'Number’


Enter the Default Value and then ‘Select How to Present Data’ from the dropdown menu. You can select ‘Text’, ‘Text Area’ , ‘Select Dropdown Menu’, ‘Checkbox’ or 'Radio Button’


Tick the ‘Make Custom Field Available in.’ and choose if you want to ‘Include custom field in list pages’.


Finish up by ‘Selecting the Mailbox(es) to Show Custom Field in’ and pressing the ‘Save’ button.


After you have finished, when opening an email, you should see Custom Fields on the right side of your desktop screen.