How to set a reminder


While we just released the pending status, some would still like to bring emails back to their attention. So, adding a reminder will do the work especially for emails that need follow up. With this, you can keep track of important conversations.

Here is how to set a reminder:

  • Open the e-mail that you want to set a reminder

  • On the upper side of the screen, click Set a Reminder button

    Set a Reminder button shows different time frame (e.g. hours, days, weeks). You may also set a specific time.


  • On the drop down list box, choose your preferred time or day. The screen will show this when you select At a Specific Time.


  • Once the time frame is chosen, a notification will appear.


NOTE: You may remove the reminder by clicking the Remove button on the right side of the notification.

Then, the conversation will be moved to the REMINDER category. If a desktop notification is enabled, it would show a notification card at the set time or simply check it through your account activities icon.