How to send automatic replies

Sending automatic replies, e.g. out-of-office notices or other important messages, from your mailbox is quite easy with Helpmonks.

First, create a “Saved reply” in your mailbox. You can find the “Saved reply” setting under the “Mailbox settings”.

Once you have your “Saved reply” click on the “Workflows” tab and create a new workflow. Set the “Segment” to emails from customers, set the condition (if you do not select a condition the workflow will apply to all emails) and then under “Actions” select “send a saved reply”.

From here on, every new email will receive your “auto-reply”. Any given email address will receive your auto-reply no more than once in a 24-hour period. If you want to only send it to certain customers or during certain times, set the proper conditions, e.g. “when the email arrives at a certain time”, etc.

Here is a screenshot of a workflow sending an “out-of-office” reply over the weekend.