How to Reset Out of Sync Email Counts on Category Box


In a shared mailbox, looking at the counts of emails on each category would determine what the workday would be. And we know that some of you contact us when the counts on category box don’t seem to match on what’s in it.

We store the counts separately for efficiency and speed. While we do our best to make them as real-time as possible, they might get out of sync after a certain update. So, if you feel like the counts got out of sync, you have the option to reset it.

Furthermore, only an Account Admin has the access to clear the cache on their Helpmonks account. So, we made an update recently and added the Maintenance page on users profile.

Here are the steps to reset the counts:

• Click on your username at the top right side, then select My Profile

• Your profile page will be loaded, then click on Maintenance


• On the Maintenance Page, click on the Flush Cache Now to reset the counts on your account. This renews the cache and fetches updates values from the database directly.


Additionally, we have added an option to flush your browsers cache when you feel like the page response was sluggish. This makes it easier instead of going into your browsers settings by clicking on the Flush Browsers Cache Now button.



Is there a way to refresh the counts for labels? Our get out of sync quite a bit.


Hi Brian,

When you clear the cache on Helpmonks, it also reset the counts for labels, because it updates the data on the local storage on the user’s account.


I have tried flushing both caches with no effect to our incorrect label counts; unread counts mind you.


Best is to also clear the cookies when you flush the cache. This will sign you out and make sure there is no local storage for the counts anymore.