How to receive notifications in Slack

Slack is an awesome real-time “chat” (because it is more than chat) platform. Helpmonks supports teams that use Slack (we do). Get notified in any Slack channel on incoming messages automatically. Control notifications with the workflow to fine tune from whom to receive notifications.

Setting up the Slack integration is easy and straight forward. Follow these steps below:

###1. Add a new Incoming Webhook in Slack
In your Slack Team Configuration go to “Integrations” and add a new “Incoming Webhook”. Configure in which channel you want to get the Helpmonks notifications and copy the Webhook URL (you will need it in step 2 below).

###2. Configure the notification in Helpmonks
Go to the Slack plugin and add a new Slack notification. In the create dialog paste the Webhook URL and enter the channel name. Additionally, you can define the color of the notification.

Make sure to “Test” that the notification works.

###3. Use the workflow to control notification
Once you have your notification configured you need to add the notification to a workflow. You can either add the Slack notification to an existing workflow or create a new one. This allows you to define precisely from whom you like to receive notification in your Slack channel.

As soon as your workflow is saved you will receive notification in your Slack channel.

That’s it. From now on, you will receive a notification in Slack every time a message comes in or according to your workflow rules.

As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for using Helpmonks.