How to create a note / comment and communicate with your team members


We know how inconvenient it is to communicate outside Helpmonks in resolving customers’ issues. One feature in Helpmonks, the Internal Note, will surely makes it easier to communicate with other users, add notes and ask inquiries right on the clients’ conversations.

Internal Note can only be seen by you or other users on Helpmonks. In that way, you may share important details and notes will not be missed.

Here is how you create an internal note:

  • Open the e-mail

  • On the upper side of the screen, click Create a Note button.


  • A message box will appear. You may then put the note on the conversation.


  • Once the note is complete, Click the Save Note button. Additionally, you can Remove, Edit and Reply to someone elses note.


You can also add “Mentions” when creating a note to notify the users that you deem relevant to the conversation. Simply type the @ sign and you will be presented with a list of users of the mailbox.