How to configure the Github plugin

With the Github plugin you can create tickets from your emails directly. However, in order to do so, you need to create an application link in Github first and then enter the Client ID and Client Secret Key into the HelpMonks plugin.

Follow the steps below:

1. Activate the Github plugin

Go to the Administration and navigate to the Plugin section. Click on the “Get New Plugins” button and select the Github plugin from the plugin list.

Click on the Github panel and in the following page click on “Activate”. Once done, go back to the plugin page and you will see that the Github plugin is now activate and you can connect to a Github repository.

2. Create an Application in Github

The Github plugin can connect to any repository and assigned to any mailbox. You can even create a repository for each mailbox if you want. However, first you want to configure an Application link in Github. To so so, go to your account, click on “Edit Profile” and navigate to the Applications. Create a new Application and enter the required fields.

Important: For the callback URL please use your domain URL! Say your subdomain is “” your callback URL would be, “”. In short, simply append “/plugins/github/auth” to your URL.

Once saved, you will see the Client ID and Client Secret Key. Make a note of these as we need them in the next step.

3. Connect to your Github repository

Back in the Github plugin configuration click on “Connect a Github Account” and fill in the fields in the form. Make sure to enter the Client ID and the Client Secret Key from the Application settings in Github. Additionally, you need your Github username and the repository you want to connect to.

Click on “Authorize” and you allow the HelpMonks Github plugin to access the repository. Once successfully configured you will be taken back to Helpmonks and your application link will appear in the list.

You are now ready to create tickets from emails.

Create tickets from email messages

Creating a ticket from any email in Github is easy. Go to the email conversation and click on the right side in the Github panel. Click on the “Create ticket with this email” link.

When you now go to your Github repository and go to the Issues section you should be able to see the email as ticket. Additionally, you will have a link back to the email in HelpMonks.